The Need for Change

We believe that the majority of people want their lives to be positive and constructive. Most of us strongly believe in honesty and integrity, in being respectful of others, taking

At RS Group, we believe investing is not a limited act, but that business activities and our economic future are inextricably linked to the well-being of society as a whole.

As a family office, RS Group believes the most obvious way for us to create impact is through the choices we make in the deployment of our capital. However, we

What we are doing and advocating at RS Group is by no means new or even unique. Investing to generate financial returns with positive social and environmental impact has been

Total Portfolio Management Approach

A Total Portfolio Management Approach begins by ascertaining the ultimate intent of the asset owner and then exploring how best to structure all available assets in pursuit of that goal.

Blended Value

Rather than being trapped within the “impact first” vs “finance first” dichotomy, we instead adopt the concept of “Blended Value” — the idea that positive outcomes can be optimized when

In applying the “Total Portfolio Management Approach” to our assets under management, RS Group seeks to build a portfolio of varied asset classes and capital deployments, generating various types of

Evolution of the Investment Portfolio

The construction of our portfolio has been, and remains, a work-in-progress, as illustrated below. While we are pleased with the progress thus far, we will remain adaptive to the developments

Current Portfolio Snapshot

By 30 June 2015, our portfolio was 91% invested in sustainable and targeted impact (TI) strategies, taking into account investments across all asset classes (see Figure 2.C.) The remaining 9%

Long Term Asset Allocation

The build-up of our Targeted Impact (TI) private equity / debt and of our real assets allocation is still a work-in-progress. This can be seen in Figure 2.G. which shows