Portfolio Characteristics

Environmental and social considerations play a role not only in the selection of investment managers, strategies and funds, but also in the development of RS Group’s long-term oriented strategic asset

Evolution of the Grant Portfolio

In 2009, when Annie began exploring areas where she would like to provide grant funding, she did not start with a Total Portfolio Management lens, but instead saw philanthropy as

Our Key Approaches of Grant-Giving

As explained in the previous section, RS Group’s grant portfolio has shifted gradually over the years from a relatively opportunistic one to a more intentional and strategically-driven one. While in

Key Thematic Areas

Although RS Group’s grant portfolio has evolved over the years, the core of our mission and the main impact themes have always stayed the same: social and economic equity, sustainable

At a conceptual level, RS Group understands its aggregate performance to comprise of financial returns together with positive social and environmental impacts, all of which are “rolled up” into the

With the increasing global attention on SRI and impact investing, there has been a lot of debate and research on whether this style of investment can generate competitive returns against

Philanthropy Performance

Given the challenges of illustrating impact across the portfolio, we came to the decision that it would be most appropriate to illustrate our philanthropic impact on a project by project

The Total Portfolio Management Approach at Work

Under a Total Portfolio Management Approach, “performance” occurs when different segments of the portfolio are managed to generate various types of returns aimed at achieving both financial and impact goals

Advocacy and Knowledge Development

                               Understanding that social change propositions need to be backed up with facts, we have also

Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk): Incubating Hong Kong’s Social Innovation Sector

Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk)¹ is a “social purpose organization” founded in 2007 to address Hong Kong’s most pressing urban problems through social innovation and entrepreneurship. It employs a unique